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the Problem

patient referrals should never be lost

Tracking a referral appointment should be as easy as following a package that was ordered online. At anytime we should be able to follow the status. The current referral process of fax and phone is cumbersome and unreliable. Faxes are often lost. Patients fall through the cracks, and the resulting delay can cause harm, suffering and even death.

ezReferral is a powerful, cloud-based healthcare referral management tool.
We keep everyone on the same page: family doctor, specialist AND patient.

Patient Referrals Lost

the Solution

patient referrals should never be lost ezReferral

The average fax referral takes 75 minutes to execute.
ezReferral will process, organize and manage your referrals in only a few minutes with a few clicks. Frustration, time & money are all saved and more effort can be put into other patient care needs.

When a referral is sent by a doctor’s office, ezReferral allows for immediate, timely responses and notifications to all people involved in the care of the patient. With a few simple clicks, specialists and offices are contacted and requests for appointments are made. When those requests are submitted, the patient is also notified via text or email. Once the appointment is scheduled, the patient is then notified and can accept the appointment.

During the entire ezReferral process ‘ALL’ parties involved in the patient’s care are notified of any status changes.
Text & email reminders mean better attendance records and that means cost saving and efficiency goes up.

ezReferral’s automatic record keeping ensures the professional’s liability risk is greatly reduced as well.

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your Privacy

patient referrals should never be lost

A patient’s confidential health information needs to be shared between the professionals who participate in their care. That information needs to be shared quickly and effectively.

The ezReferral system ensures that your information gets into the right hands – right away. Our system has audit features that record precisely how and where your information was handled at any particular point in the transfer.


Simply put, with ezReferral there are no more lost, misplaced or misdirected health records. If it was sent, we can prove it.

It really is that simple.

Check it out today.


patient referrals should never be lost
  • Referral Coordinator

    Alberta ENT

    “I have used ezReferral for approximately one month now, as a pilot program and on a trial basis. My job is the referral coordinator and scheduling guru. Within this month, I have noticed a minimum of 1-2 referrals per day with a maximum of 3 per day. I have found that the action of booking the patients through the ezReferral system has been relatively painless. The action of having my referrals ready, available and in an orderly fashion based upon “urgent, semi-urgent,” and “normal” is of great help to me as my job is greatly tied up by sorting referrals between both specialists, and triaging the importance of them by hand one by one. The action of clicking on the referral and having it readily downloaded so I can read through it on my screen versus printing it off and wasting paper, possibly being out of ink, or having my fax machine on the fritz is valuable to me. I have all the information I need at the click of my mouse! What is the patient’s name, address, AHC, Contact information, and what is their primary complaint? I do not have piles of papers to sort, and the fear and anxiety of losing referrals, thus having to contact referring doctor’s offices and request another one sent, which creates wasted time, and possibly a longer wait for the patient. The system itself is quite brilliant in the theory of its final product. To receive, triage, book and import the referral into a chart that can be made as soon as the referral has been accepted is not only efficient, but cuts down on referral status updates which take time out of my day and the GP’s office that needs to dedicate a portion of their staff to calling and inquiring. There are many, many other things that are great and beneficial in regards to the ezReferral and I look forward to a final product.”

    Referral Coordinator
    for Alberta ENT

  • IT Supervisor & Secretary

    Edmonton Cardiology Consultants

    Edmonton Cardiology
    “We have been piloting ezReferral for the last month. In the long run this program would definitely improve communication between the family doctors offices and the specialist office. You can see that your referral has been received, it is being triaged and you know when your patient is booked. The program has the potential to save both office’s time and man power, by sending the appointment date and time to the referring physicians office, as well as a text / email to the patient. The name ezReferral says it all! The referral process has been simplified, and the program is user friendly. The customer service department, is extremely helpful if you do happen to get stuck. We look forward to working with ezReferral to make their product the best it can be.”

    IT Supervisor & Secretary
    Edmonton Cardiology Consultants

  • MT


    From a patient:
    “Recently, my doctor referred me for a colonoscopy.

    Within days I received a notice from ezReferral about my appointment. All I was required to do was accept and my appointment was made. No phone calls: no being put on hold: no having to hang up and try again because of some other distraction.

    For the last four years my husband had been very ill and recently passed away. During that time we attended hundreds of appointments, lab tests, clinics, etc. and not only was I his full time caregiver I made all of his appointments. I can’t even begin to calculate the hours I spent doing this, the cancellations, the re-appointments. If only it could have been done this way.

    As my husband has died, I am going to Ontario for the summer and fall and will be back for my appointment. If it needs to be re-scheduled it will be done electronically and I can respond in kind.

    I am a senior and had no problem with this referral and was really excited to be a part of this.”

    MT (Patient)

  • Clinic Manager

    Gateway Medical Clinic

    What I love about ezReferral:

    • Designed by a physician – he understands the difficulties associated with referrals & wants to address them head on
    • From the beginning, the team has worked directly with referral coordinators to find out what the problem areas are and how to address them. They continue to work directly with us to find out what is working, what needs tweaking and what can be improved
    • His team is creative, innovative and motivated. The program is great – user friendly, innovative design, very easy to use
    • Amazing Tech Support/Customer Service
    • Makes communication quick, easy, efficient
    • Provides a way to organize and track referrals

    How has ezReferral made your job easier?
    With ezReferral you have the ability to communicate with other offices as quick as you would with email, but in a safe and secure environment. Often we fax a referral off, and from our end, everything went through. When we call a month later follow up, we are informed that the referral was never received or that it was received, declined and a fax was sent back to us that we never received. This can be extremely frustrating and demoralizing, not to mention a waste of time. With ezReferral, I send the referral through the online system & there is no question that it went through. Within a few days (sometimes a few hours), I can have a note back from the specialist’s office with a status update on this referral! Amazing! That does not necessarily mean that my patient is going to be seen in the next week, but it means that I know that the referral was received, I am kept in the loop (status updates include “new”, “waitlisted”, “waiting for booking” “booked”), and the patient is kept in the loop. Even if the referral is declined I will know right away, at the click of a button, and can then easily forward it along to another office.

    Was it easy to learn how to use?
    ezReferral is so simple to use! If you know how to check your personal email, then you will have no trouble using ezReferral. If you have an EMR & can navigate it with even minimal success, you will be able to use ezReferral. It has “Google-esque” qualities; that is, easy, clear, user friendly, not “busy” or complicated. To test the ease of use, I purposely gave minimal training to one of girls helping me with referrals –

    Basically let her look over my shoulder a couple times & gave her a copy of the training manual and she was a pro in no time. What process did you use before? How is this different? You need Internet & a basic computer but most clinics have that already. In fact ezReferral will likely end up saving us money, at the very least allow us to use our staff in a more effective way (save time, save money).

    Our normal procedure for referrals: for each referral that we send out, we call the patient and inform her/him that the referral is in progress. When we get the notice back from the specialist office, we call the patient again. That means at least 2 phone calls to patient (realistically, we rarely reach people the first time we call & end up trying again & again), not to mention the time it takes to sort through the faxes, copying out the appointment details, and sending inter-office messages back and forth about the particulars. This takes time, time that could be better spent on more important tasks around the office & direct/indirect patient care. With ezReferral all the back & forth is eliminated & there is direct, clear and secure communication with patient. The patient is notified each step of the referral progress & once appointment is made, they communicate directly with the specialist office to confirm/change appointment. Also, you can set appointment reminders (i.e. 2 days &/or 1 week) so patients don’t forget about appointments.

    By College standards, the specialist office is responsible to notify the patient of the appointment, this does not always happen for whatever reason. ezReferral will allow us to follow College standards with the click of a button. Eliminating faxing back and forth, repeated phone calls and costly mail outs to patients. Also, for specialists who have Prep Sheets or Info Sheets, ezReferral is working/has worked out a way to include this information with the appointment.

    How has this program helped your patients?:

    • Referrals won’t get lost
    • Patient kept informed, for those who like to know what is going on
    • Empowering for patient
    • Feel that they are cared about (not forgotten or shoved to the back burner)
    • Easy to get updates on the status of referral
    • The “patient side” of ezReferral is easy to use (and fun!)

    Why should other clinics join the pilot project?
    Provides a way to organize & track referrals: I understand that specialists get tons of referrals, and I can’t imagine the nightmare of trying to keep track of all the referrals, let alone all the considerations that must be made in order to triage them. With ezReferral, it is simple; in one place you can see all the referrals that are coming in, not just the name of the patient, but the referring doc, the date, the concern, status, and priority. This info is arranged in beautiful columns that are sortable (like columns in Excel) and user customizable. Also, eliminates need for “calling to get update on the status of referral” phone calls.

    ezReferral can be accessed from anywhere, so a specialist who wants to review all incoming letters can do this from home, office, hospital or Starbucks.

    Improves communication (and relationships) between offices. Has so much potential – EMR integration, potential to be used between difference cities and across provinces.

    Think of the programs that we use every day that are easy to use and make our lives easier – PDF, Google, email – Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Word, Excel, our EMRs. At first we weren’t sure if they would make life easier for us, but now, we can’t live without them – this is where ezReferral is headed.

    I would love to see more clinics join the program. The more people join, the more successful this project will be & we will really be able to see how it can change our system.

    Clinic Manager
    Gateway Medical Clinic

Patient Referrals Lost ezReferral
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